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Toll manufacturing services

Campbell Plastics has a proven track record in providing flexible and cost effective sub-contract manufacturing services that incorporate formulation, blending, material processing, storage and delivery.

We provide bulk toll manufacturing and repackaging services to a wide range of customers, from start-ups with limited manufacturing capabilities to global chemical companies. Projects are conducted under confidentiality agreements as required to provide peace of mind that your trade secrets are protected.

The benefits of toll manufacturing

  • Fast, efficient and cost effective
  • Reduce costs and shorten your product development cycle
  • Avoid the overheads associated with equipment, quality control and health and safety
  • Deliveries made just-in-time to meet the demands of your production schedule
  • Product quality is assured


“Let us do the dirty work…”

We have the expertise, internal procedures and specialised equipment to handle hazardous materials such as reagents, corrosive chlorides, inhalation hazards and more. With more than over four decades of experience, we have developed a best-practice approach to handling materials safely and efficiently.

We can either source raw materials on your behalf, or accept them on a free-issue basis.

Bulk repackaging services

We can repackage raw materials from bulk containers into smaller packaging sizes that suit your production needs, enabling you to benefit from bulk purchasing discounts.

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